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Developing e-learning at Hillcrest High School

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Duration: 1:49

e-Learning teacher Mervyn Cook, from Hillcrest High School, discusses the connect between teachers and students engaging with technology to support e-learning.

Mervyn Cook: ICT at the school at the moment is still evolving and we have some teachers that have picked it up wholeheartedly and ran with it, and we’ve got other teachers that are still investigating how it best can be used in their classroom. If it works for you in your classroom, if it makes your day more efficient, if it is engaging students in deeper learning then you could possibly look at using it in your classroom.

You know we want technology to be able to engage students, to engage deeper learning, and that’s very important for us here. And I think that’s where the deeper learning is really starting to happen is there’s that connectedness, there’s community of experts, they can access reference models and so on, and access to material that’s up-to-date, and I think that’s one of the real aspects of the Internet is that information is on tap and it’s up-to-date.

Looking forward here at Hillcrest High School is about us being able to put a strategic plan together. We have our ideas but looking at the new matrix that’s coming through there are certainly areas that we have a lot of work to do on, and I think this is going to be a good framework for us to be able to start asking specific questions about how ICT and e-learning is rolled out across Hillcrest High School.

e-Learning is able to give the skillset to be able to engage, to be able to be an effective communicator, to be able to know how to use the tools that are online.

Tags: Secondary, Leadership, e-Leadership, Upper secondary