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Seamless learning facilitated by BYOD

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Duration: 1:4

Connor Fitzgerald-Mansell, a student from Hillcrest High School, describes the benefits of bringing his own laptop to school.

Connor Fitzgerald-Mansell:
I have my own laptop which I bring to school and so I use that for all of my subjects now. It means I am able to access Internet in class. It means I can keep all of my projects and work in one place.

It’s also been very useful for a couple of technology based subjects like Media Studies and Music Technology. I’ve needed it for like certain programmes which I can you know use my own laptop for and work on things at home.

With my own laptop, with my own software, I’ve been able to bring all that into school and use it to record songs and projects of various things, and then take that home on my own computer and be able to work on that and edit that at home.

It gives me a lot more time I guess and my own kind of space.

Tags: Technology, BYOD, Secondary, Learning beyond the classroom, Community engagement