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What makes a cluster successful

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Duration: 1:45

Lee Whitelaw, Convening principal at Ohaeawai School, talks about how to create a successful cluster and the importance of having clear processes and systems in place.

I think starting off small and having clear systems and protocols, and a memorandum of understanding right from the start, about how people would kind of behave and why we were there and our dream and our vision that our children would be successful.

So everyone had to sign the memorandum of understanding with Manaiakalani Outreach.

So everybody had to agree to do the exact testing like PATs, reading and maths, and writing, e-asTTle writing, and we’re doing the SEA, and STAR, for the junior part of school. Woolf Fisher collate that and it’s presented back to us. That was one of the reasons that we started small, to know that we had all the processes and systems for working together in place. So when new schools have joined, we’ve had, we’ve got an agreement and protocols for how that happens so those schools just don’t rock up and join, they observe and come to principal meetings, lead teacher meetings, PLGs that we do and toolkits, just so they can see that it’s going to be a right fit for them. It’s hard work and there’s a lot of commitment. We expect principals all to attend the principals' meetings, lead teachers to all be there, and for toolkits and PLGs, it’s really important that everybody is there to hear the same message.

Tags: Primary, Secondary, Cluster collaboration