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Mobile devices at home

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Duration: 1:36

Holy Cross School student, Coretti and her mother, Fiona Tuffs, discuss how using a mobile device makes access to schoolwork easier. Corretti explains how the iPad is changing the way she learns. 

My device is making my learning easier because we can have all of our documents on our mobile devices and just take it home, instead of having to do it all at school and having to go to the pod to access all the documents.

Fiona Tuffs
The difference I see in Coretti’s learning, now that she has her own mobile device, is that she’s more engaged – not just with the school work but with me and the rest of the family.

I can share all my documents now with my parents because of Google docs. And, our teacher just sends us all of our homework if we need to catch up in holidays and then I just share it with my Mum and Dad if I need any help.

Fiona Tuffs
There’s a lot of improvements. Before the device, it was, we tried to have a routine about take your books out once we go home, you know – do this certain times spend so much time. But we don’t have to do that now. It’s out. Even when we’re in the car and she’ll just tell me what she’s got to do and how she’s done it, and it’s done. She’s enjoying it more because she can just go on whenever she wants to go on, search for whatever she wants to search for.

The iPad’s changing the way I learn because I recently did a project with my friend over the holidays and we couldn’t have contact, so we separated all the questions and just sent them to each other and all the information that we needed to answer the questions. Yeah, it’s just opening, opening my mind to everything that we can do on the iPad.

Tags: Secondary, Community engagement, Whānau engagement, Learning beyond the classroom