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The e-learning coordinator role at Matapihi School

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Duration: 1:46

Sandy Bornholdt talks about her role as an e-learning coordinator and explains how she is working with kaiako to incorporate e-learning and STEAM in the classroom.

My role at the kura is really to support the teaching and learning and to help provide those next steps for our kaiako. We are obviously a full immersion kura so te reo Māori me te tikanga in both the Māori world and the wider world is our biggest challenge and that’s, I guess that’s one of the reasons that I’m here. I come with the strength of an e-learning background and high interest in sort of science and all those sorts of things, STEAM.

So through my teaching inquiry process, we’re looking to evolve the curriculum which for me means incorporating e-learning into our work tikanga, STEAM as well. Delivering the curriculum means me supporting the kaiako in their classrooms, it means the kaiako supporting me with te reo Māori, so sometimes in one lesson the two teachers will blend the two together. I might give an instruction in English and the kaiako will step in and translate it into Māori.

We’ve changed our resourcing model quite a bit over the time that I’ve been here. We do not call ourselves a 1:1 iPad school, we look to resource for technology suited to whatever purpose we need it for. Moving from consuming on devices to creating on devices, what sits behind that is a design learning model that we’re developing. In order to move forward as creators using our technology, we needed to have some sort of process that we could work through to make the learning more meaningful and also to draw those parallels with the technology curriculum as well as the new Hangarau Matihiko Curriculum.

Tags: Primary, Leadership, Te reo Māori, Collaborative teaching