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Polyfest as a learning context – Art: Creating the Polyfest backdrop

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Duration: 1:30

Students at Mangere College, Zahra and Chris, talk about how they contributed to the Samoan Polyfest as part of Art.

Chris: I painted a giant background for the Samoan Polyfest stage and it was for NCEA 2.

Zahra: First, we are doing a pattern, it was so big, it’s like the three big curtains, it was very big and it took two weeks, we did it and they finished it.

Chris: I painted the middle background, so that’s the one with the big as sun in the middle of it and the design is supposed to match the Samoan stage so it has to match the cultural patterns. First of all when I went to Polyfest, I was looking for the Samoan stage and then when I actually found it, I just saw that beautiful background at the back with people dancing and I was like, yeah, that’s what I did! So I was telling everyone that was standing next to me that I’d made the background and then they actually said that it actually looked beautiful and cool and it stands out. It actually matched all the Samoan costumes that they were wearing.

Tags: Secondary, Visual arts, Cultural responsiveness, Pasifika, Classroom practice, The Arts