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Students’ story: Making a documentary about Mt Biggs School band

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Duration: 3:16

Year six and seven students outline the steps they took to create a documentary together.

My documentary’s about the Mt Biggs school bands and about how they practice and what they do and about the instruments.

To plan a documentary we had to write a lot of stuff on the computer, and to look at lots of books, and had to ask some teachers.

For writing, we’re writing a report and so we’ve been learning topic sentences, how to find a topic sentence and a main point. And then it doesn't necessarily always have to be the first sentence you've got to always have at least three main points. We've also got to have a conclusion to conclude the end of our report and introduction to introduce what we are going to be saying. And we also have to, write our questions for our interviews.

We asked all the people about what instruments they played, and how they find it playing them, and how they enjoyed starting so young. We had a template and put all that information into that.

So at first we made a table and then we put, introduction Point one, Point two, point three and then conclusion. And in those points we did what we were going to do. And then after that we wrote a script and then we wrote in order who we were going to interview. And then after that we shot it pretty much. If we got stuck we would ask Renee and then she gave us feedback in person, and so we took that feedback and then we put it into the script and if it was helpful into the script and then it just went on from there and kept on going.

When we were researching how to make this, Renee showed us all videos from the MADE awards last year.

We were learning also about camera angles and the process of doing a documentary. When you were interviewing a person you wrote down in the script what angles, what camera shots you're doing a from like you could have over the shoulder, worm's eye view, bird's eye view, just different angles to make the documentary up and make it more interesting.

And then we practiced those in buddies or like by ourselves or in groups taking those different shots on those. And we also did work on music. And we watched a video showing the importance of the way the mood changes within music and that was really fun.

Tags: Primary, Multimedia – video, Writing, Collaborative learning, English