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Connecting parents with students learning

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Duration: 1:13

Renee Strawbridge (DP Mt Biggs School) explains how they use Seesaw to connect parents and whānau with student learning.

Renee Strawbridge:
It was really important to me that my parents knew what it was that I was doing in the class. So I did that by writing a newsletter to my parents and just explaining that I'm teaching the informative texts through the process of a documentary. I also explained to them that I would be integrating this as part of my reading program as well so they’d be reading informative texts, they'd be analysing informative texts. I regularly shared photos and videos on Seesaw so the parents could see the filming and things that we were doing in the classroom, as an example of learning, since they can't necessarily see writing as a product but they can see the photos and the film as a product instead.

I’ve showed my mum and dad ... just the bit that we caught the eels.

One of the parents in my class said to me that she really loved looking at the videos on Seesaw and she could see all of the learning that the kids have been doing on Seesaw. She was just amazed by the standard of the filming and how professional it looked and she couldn't believe that her kid had been able to make that.

Tags: Primary, Whānau engagement, SeeSaw, Real-time reporting, e-Portfolios