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Teaching learners from a distance at Newbury School

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Duration: 2:8

Principal, Simon Marshall shares how distance learning provided teachers with opportunities to engage differently with their classes.

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  Title slide: Teaching learners from a distance at Newbury School.

Simon Marshall, Tumuaki

I guess the thing that the teachers have had to do in regards to adapting to teaching and learning is that they've found it to be more intensive.

Simon, seated, facing camera.
So more detailed planning so that if the technology fails for whatever reason, that there's good content that they can fall back to and be able to follow up.  Screenshot from online meeting showing students sharing virtual whiteboard.
And it's interesting, some of the feedback from teachers in terms of the more experienced teachers that we have, they've said it feels like being a beginning teacher again and that they're really having to go back and put in more time and effort into making it engaging and things like that. And that's not to say that their classroom programs aren't, but just that extra layer through the distance teaching and learning is important.  Simon, seated, facing camera.
So with distance learning, what we've found is that the role of the teacher has been more of a coach, and more of a facilitator, and whilst there were elements of that in the classroom practice anyway, with face-to-face, not to the same degree, because obviously with children being offsite and being distant, they needed to just coach them along into what they were needed to be doing and what they're learning and things. Online lesson with base ten blocks displayed on screen.
The main way that our teachers have been approaching those learners with differing needs and meeting the needs of the individuals and differentiating has been just like we would in class. Simon, seated, facing camera.
They have been running small groups and so really being able to target learners where they are at.  Slide outlining a writing session.
But the other thing we've found that's been great from distance teaching and learning, has been that being able to follow up with one on one sessions has been far more dedicated, I guess, from the teachers’ points of view.  Simon, seated, facing camera.
The feedback to me has been that there aren't the other distractions that would otherwise be happening in a classroom setting and that it's just you and the learner and potentially their whānau on the same page, which is fantastic. Diagram in triangle shape. Label for each of three sides: school, home, learner.

Tags: Primary, Distance learning, Learning beyond the classroom