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Distance learning activities at Newbury School

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Duration: 2:9

Principal, Simon Marshall describes how teaches and learners drew strength from school values during distance teaching and learning.

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Distance learning activities at Newbury School
Simon Marshall, Tumuaki
The activities that we've found have worked best from a distance teaching and learning point of view have been ones that have been collaborative and the learners have had that opportunity to be able to engage with one another.
Simon, seated, facing camera.
A real drawcard for having them turn up to the sessions has been seeing their friends, being able to reconnect, reconnect with their teachers and things. Online lesson with base ten blocks displayed on screen.
So some group activities where they can work collaboratively.  Simon, seated, facing camera.
What we've found is that that technology has enabled learners and also having the time to really engage in some of those creative processes and outlets that we may otherwise rush through in the school day, I guess.  Screenshot from online meeting showing students learning from home.
Just this morning, I've had a family share with me some stop-motion that one of our learners has been doing in response to some creative writing that he'd been doing with his classroom teacher during a writing session for his group. And so then taking that and applying that to some of the digital tech has been exciting to see.  Stop motion movement of LEGO pieces.
Our DRIVE values, they stand for being determined and confident, being respectful, being an inspired leader, being visionary, innovative and creative, and then being empowered and agentic.  Collaged poster showing “DRIVE” values in clouds around a car.
So what we saw was that a lot of these values came to the fore through distance teaching and learning because, of course, to be successful at home for our learners, they needed to be determined and confident. And we drew out some of those elements of being respectful online.  Student at home striking pencil against glasses of coloured liquid.
And during those distance sessions and then through to obviously being empowered and agentic is a massive focus of them being able to understand what they're learning, their next steps, where to next, and really being in charge of that and driving that forward.  Screenshot from online meeting showing students sharing virtual whiteboard.
So, our school values really came to the fore during the distance teaching and learning. Simon, seated, facing camera.

Tags: Primary, Student agency, Learning beyond the classroom, Distance learning