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Recording reading/fluency on the iPad

Video Help

Duration: 2:29

These students show how easily, and in different ways, they can use the iPad to record their reading progress.

Student A: This is a story. Andrew had a sore throat. “I’ve got a tickle in my throat,” he said. “You haven’t got a tickle in your throat. You haven’t got two tickles in your throat. You’ve got a thousand tickles in your throat” shouted Frictus.

Teacher: A movie on the iPad, was it easy, hard?

Student B: Easy.

Teacher: Why was it easy?

Student: Because all you have to do is take photos of what you’re going to talk about and then you record it.

Teacher: Excellent, would you like to press “play” and so we can just watch your one. How long did it take you to make this one?

Student: An hour.

Teacher: Oh, I think it was less than that.

Student video: First we get our iPad. Then we get our reading assessment booklet. Then we get a book and start reading into the iPad. Then we watch our reading. Then we highlight how good we did.

Teacher: That’s very good Thomas, I think it actually took you less than an hour, it was probably about half an hour. Did you enjoy doing that?

Student B: Yes.

Teacher: Good. Well done.

...Children working chatter…