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Publishing student writing on an iPad – student example

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Duration: 1:11

This video provides an example of student publishing to an iPad. The student used the iPad to create a news item using a recorded commentary and accompanying images.

Teacher: In three…

Student: Hello, this is The News at Midday with more news on the Rena boat.

More oil has spilt out of the Rena. The driver is going to court for his dangerous driving, or maybe because it was his birthday.

The Rena got stuck on Astrolabe Reef, coast of Tauranga.

Containers have fallen off the boat and some have sunk, destroyed, some have destroyed our beautiful islands. Many people are helping to clean the beaches.

This is going to be sad news for the fisherman because fish have died, over 100 fish have died. Birds have died from that black, icky, squishy and toxic oil. Over 100 birds have died because of that oil.

The cafe and the bar have lost customers because the beaches have gotten oil on nearly all the beaches. This is Mia...

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