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Introducing the strategic thinking roadmap

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Duration: 1:39

Connected Learning Advisor, Charles Newton explains how to use this guide to support developing your digital technologies action plan. He highlights the fundamental conditions underpinning successful planning for learning with digital technologies.

This guide is designed to help you with your strategic planning for the successful uptake of digital technologies. Planning to lead technological innovation is all about ensuring that digital technologies support powerful teaching and learning. No longer just focusing on infrastructure and tools, your digital technologies plan is now integral to building your school’s highly effective pedagogy and future-focused curriculum.

The guide looks at the rationale for this planning, the challenge of designing effective teaching and learning to meet the 21st century imperatives, the rapidly changing context in which schools operate, and five guiding principals that underpin effective planning. It then leads you through the eight planning strands that your school needs to integrate into your thinking around digital technologies. Within each strand, the guide assists you to think about the key principals and offers reflective questions by which you can gauge your progress.

Where you need to investigate a strand further, there are links to resources to inform deeper understanding and help your discussions. Finally, the guide offers a series of templates to help you mould the outcomes of your discussions into an effective digital strategy that reflects the wishes of your students, your teachers, your senior management, your board, and your wider community.

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