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Inclusion in the classroom

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Duration: 4:21

Students at Houghton Valley School made a book using digital photos with simple captions to help prepare a student needing extra support for their first school camp experience.  

Well we made these Snap Fish books for some kids in our class who found change difficult to handle. 

And so, this is just made to prepare them for what we were going to experience at camp.

Yeah, so we had to make sure that the sentences and the words were easy, quite easy to read and the font wasn’t too small, so that they could understand it.

And there were good photos, like good quality photos that were easy for them to see.

We also had to make sure that there weren’t too many clip art photos or just photos unrelated, like photos from the Internet, because that wasn’t really to do with our camp, it was to do with someone elses life. So it was, yeah, really important to keep mostly (keep it simple), yeah keep things simple and the writing not too long. Yeah well we had to make sure because some of these things we wouldn’t normally maybe write, well we might write it differently normally, but since it might be a little bit hard for them to understand we might write it.

It will be hard for them to pronounce some of the words, like say Featherston or competition or something like that.

I think they really liked them because it reassured them that camp wasn’t actually going to be that scary.

Tags: English, Primary, Personalising learning, Inclusion, Accessibility, Diverse learners