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Supporting ESOL students to read independently

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Duration: 1:27

School librarian, Kim Bizo explains how the Lexile reading programme supports ESOL students to read independently with comprehension. Parent meetings are provided to explain the programme and provides a useful tool for parents to engage with their child's learning. 

The library has a focus of three things. We really want to support our children and we want to challenge them and we want to extend them. We’ve introduced a lexile programme three years ago. And probably the impetus for this was the fact that we have a large ESOL community and some of these parents weren’t aware of some of the authors and some of the books that were out there for their children and they wanted to support them with choosing the right material. And so this programme is wonderful because it actually tests the child, finds the level that they’re on, and then they can go and choose a book from the library and sit a quiz and it assesses whether they’ve comprehended the text and there are other features of the program as well which are great.

One of the really nice things about this programme is the fact that the children are taking the books home and the parents can see that they’re doing those quizzes. They can see the questions and so they’ve got those questions that they can ask their children about books and how much they’re understanding them.

So with this reading programme we certainly are encouraging our parents to come in and we often have meetings to explain the reading programme that the children are on and frequently it is from our ESOL community that are coming in because they’re very eager to find out what books are the right ones for their children.