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Appointments to Network for Learning Limited board

22 June 2012

Education Minister Hekia Parata has announced the appointments to the inaugural board of the new Crown-owned company to operate and manage the Network for Learning.

Network for Learning Limited will be established on July 2, 2012 as a separate entity with its own chief executive but will have an on-going relationship with the Ministry of Education. Board members and further information can be found in the June 21 press release on beehive.govt.nz .

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Supporting future-oriented learning and teaching - a New Zealand perspective

18 June 2012

This report to the Ministry of Education discusses some emerging principles for future learning, how these are currently expressed in New Zealand educational thinking and practice, and what they could look like in future practice. The research project draws together findings from new data and more than 10 years of research on current practice and futures-thinking in education.

Written by Rachel Bolstad and Jane Gilbert, with Sue McDowall, Ally Bull, Sally Boyd and Rosemary Hipkins [New Zealand Council for Educational Research] in June 2012, this report can be downloaded from Education Counts .

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e-Portfolios in the classroom webinar now online

14 June 2012

View the webinar e-Portfolios in the classroom (14 June, 2012) just up in the Enabling e-Learning community. James Rae and Jacqui Innes from Russell St School lead this discussion sharing: 

  • the pedagogy and purpose for e-portfolios at Russell St School
  • how they are encouraging students to reflect on their work more deeply and the benefits to students' learning
  • how they setup e-portfolios at Russell St School - software, documentation, staff expectations, and professional development. 

From the Webinar recordings page, you can view the webinar in Elluminate Live!, the PowerPoint  used in the presentation, and download PDF's of the  Russell Street School documentation  used with e-portfolios.

More information on e-portfolios and Russell Street School's story can be found on the e-Portfolios page within this website.

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Network for Learning live address 14 June

14 June 2012

Watch the Network for Learning address by Howard Baldwin live from Orewa College, Thursday 14th June at 11.00 am-12.30 pm. Howard is the Manager of Sector Engagement for the Network for Learning from the Ministry of Education. To watch the live stream of his address go to etv.org.nz  and click the Network for Learning banner on the login page. eTV logins are not required.

Security Central

Cyber Security Awareness Week 11-15 June

11 June 2012

NetSafe is running New Zealand’s first Cyber Security Awareness Week in June and will be providing free advice at www.securitycentral.org.nz .

Cyber crime cost the country $625 million in 2011 (Norton Cyber Crime 2011 report) as more and more people use computers and the Internet for work and play.

More than 2000 adult New Zealanders are affected by cyber crime every day in the form of computer viruses and malware, credit card fraud, online scams, phishing and identity theft.

The key themes for this year’s programme are

Update everything - Make sure your operating system and all software is up to date

 Back up your files - Make regular copies of important data and store it in several locations

Use a secure wireless network - Choose a strong encryption setting and long passphrase for your router

Use strong passwords - Aim for 15 characters and a mix of lower and upper case letters and symbols

Follow the week’s activities at www.facebook.com/netsafe .

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07 June 2012

The latest Enabling e-Learning newsletter is out. Find out what's new on the Enabling e-Learning hub in this issue. Watch new school stories from Finlayson Park School sharing how they are building home-school partnerships. Find out about Grant's Braes School's successful iPad trial and how Kimi Ora School are implementing e-portfolios.

You can sign up for the newsletter from the Enabling e-Learning homepage, look for the heading Keep Informed and use the subscribe link.

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Learning without Limits seminars

31 May 2012

Find out what ultra-fast broadband and the Network for Learning will mean for your school. The Ministry of Education is running Learning without Limits seminars starting from 23 July. The seminars are free, in 24 locations across New Zealand.

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School ICT infrastructure survey underway

09 May 2012

Torque IP has been contracted by the Ministry of Education to undertake a technical infrastructure survey of a large sample of New Zealand Schools. The purpose of this survey is to inform the design of the Network for Learning and to provide the Ministry with an understanding of the current capacity of New Zealand schools to fully utilise the Network when it is implemented. Participation will enable schools to undertake a detailed self-review of their school infrastructure guided by technical experts.

A number of schools have already been contacted based on a random sampling exercise. If your school has not been contacted and you would like to participate please email Lorrae Ward at the Ministry of Education.

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Network for Learning RFP announced

09 May 2012

A request for proposal (RFP) for the provision of managed network services (internet access, firewalls, filtering, and support services) for a Network for Learning (N4L) for New Zealand schools has been announced by the Minister of Education.

For further information:

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01 May 2012

The latest Enabling e-Learning newsletter is out. This term's newsletter focuses on ultra-fast broadband. It gives you links to new school stories and discussions focused on developing the opportunites for learning and teaching that ultra-fast broadband provides.

You can sign up for the newsletter from the Enabling e-Learning homepage, look for the heading Keep Informed and use the subscribe link.

Virtual Learning Network Community annual meeting

Virtual Learning Network Community annual meeting

24 April 2012

The Virtual Learning Network Community (VLNC) held its AGM in Wellington on 3 April 2012.

Minister of Education Hekia Parata at the VLNC annual general meeting in Wellington on 3 April.

The Minister of Education, Hon Hekia Parata, joined the meeting to discuss government initiatives, such as the fibre roll out and how it will help schools transition to digital learning environments, to improve outcomes for learners.

The Virtual Learning Network (VLN), He kōtuinga ako ā-ipurangi, is an interactive resource provided by the Ministry of Education for all New Zealand educators.  It supports the work of the Māori Medium Kura Network and the VLN Community (VLNC), promoting the concept of classrooms without walls, where learners and educators have the flexibility to connect with each other 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Easy-to-use database lets schools know when they will get fibre

18 April 2012

Schools can now easily find out when they will be connected to fibre via the Government’s ultra-fast broadband initiative.

School Connection  is a searchable database showing individual schools when they are likely to get connected to fibre. The database presents information in an easy-to-access format and will be updated regularly with the latest connection timeframes.

With the majority of New Zealand schools set to get ultra-fast broadband connections over the next few years, the Ministry is helping prepare schools for fibre with this new database tool which will help schools with their ICT planning.

All schools will have access to ultra-fast broadband, either through fibre, or through other technologies to create modern 21st century learning environments. 

Over the next five years, 97.7% of schools will receive ultra-fast broadband connections enabling speeds of up to 100 Mbps through Government’s investment in ultra-fast broadband. The remaining 2.3% of schools, which are in the most remote locations, will receive a high-speed wireless or satellite connection.

By June 2012 it is expected approximately 740 school fibre connections will be completed.

For further information email ufb.schools@minedu.govt.nz

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Final Rural Broadband Initiative contracts awarded

18 April 2012

The Government has announced the final providers for the Rural Broadband Initiative.
The Government has selected Chorus and Network Tasman for the final Rural Broadband Initiative (RBI) contracts. One hundred and ninety three rural schools are covered under these contracts. Inspire.net, Gisborne.net, Chorus, and Araneo have been selected to connect 57 remote schools to faster broadband.
To read more, see the Ministry of Economic Development's website communications section .

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Next 90 schools to receive SNUP

05 April 2012

The Government has announced the next 90 schools to receive SNUP upgrades, April 2012.

A full list of the next 90 schools to receive a SNUP upgrade is available to download at the bottom of the  Overview of the School Network Upgrade Project  page

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The Network for Learning

02 April 2012

The Network for Learning will be available for schools from mid-2013.

From mid-2013 schools with fibre connections will be able to progressively sign up to the Network for Learning (N4L), available as an online network for schools. Read more about The Network for Learning in the Education Gazette .

Ministry of Education

Changes to Microsoft New Zealand School Agreement

14 March 2012

The Ministry of Education has negotiated a new licensing program for 2012.

The Microsoft New Zealand School Agreement has been in place for two years - 2010 and 2011. For the third year (2012), the Ministry of Education has negotiated a new licensing program enabling greater use and deployment of Microsoft technology in schools.

This new program is called the Enrolment for Education Solutions (EES). The EES agreement is based on a faculty and student calculation which means there is no longer need to report a desktop count.

Email notification will be sent out to each school explaining the changes in March 2012. Acceptance will be via an electronic form.

Please visit http://www.moe.dsv.co.nz  for more information about the changes to the Microsoft New Zealand School Agreement.

Ministry of Education

More ultra-fast broadband connections announced

07 March 2012

The next group of schools to be connected to ultra-fast broadband (UFB) fibre by Chorus has been announced.

From 1 July 2012 to 30 June 2013:

  • 502 urban schools, under the UFB initiative 
  • 191 rural schools, under the Rural Broadband Initiative (RBI)

will be connected to fibre.

Further information about the rollout, and the lists of schools in each of these initiatives can be downloaded from the How and when will schools be connected page of the Ministry of Education website. 

The Ministry of Education will send these schools information packs about the connection process. Schools can also contact the Ultra-fast Broadband Helpline on 0800 22 55 42 or email ufb.schools@minedu.govt.nz for additional support.

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Christchurch schools to get ultra-fast broadband

07 March 2012

The next group of schools to be connected to ultra-fast broadband (UFB) fibre has been announced.

Information and Communications Technology Minister Amy Adams announced that Enable will connect 11 more schools in Christchurch to UFB by July 2012. 

The Ministry of Education will provide these schools with information packs to guide them through the connection process. Schools can also contact the ultra-fast broadband helpline on 0800 22 55 42 for additional support.

For more information read the press release on the Beehive site .

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Network for Learning services survey

23 February 2012

The Ministry of Education is seeking feedback from schools to help inform the design and implementation of the Network for Learning.

The Ministry is looking for a wide cross-section of New Zealand schools to take part in a technical survey, to provide a snapshot of how schools currently use their network and hardware infrastructure. Schools taking part will have an on-site inspection of their ICT infrastructure involving an audit of relevant cabling and switching equipment, other hardware, and the capacity of internal networks. The principal or ICT manager will also be interviewed about future ICT planning. Findings from individual audits will be supplied to each school (in confidence) to inform their planning.

Schools are invited to register their interest by Friday 23rd March. Surveys will take place from March through to August 2012.

Register from the Ministry of Education: Network for Learning page . You can find the survey link on the right handside on the Ministry's page, or go direct to the Network services survey .

Notices will also be featured in the Education Gazette.

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Enabling e-Learning webinars

22 February 2012

Register now for free webinars, available in the Enabling e-Learning community.

Webinars for Term One

Webinar: How to use Enabling e-Learning communities/VLN Groups
A short introduction to VLN Groups for new members, with a focus on Enabling e-Learning
24 Feb 2012.

What does online professional learning look like for learners and leaders?
A short seminar on ways of engaging in the Enabling e-Learning communities to support leading and learning online
28 Feb 2012.

When ultra-fast broadband comes to you, where to start? - with Douglas Harré
A session with Douglas Harré about ultra-fast broadband and your school
22 Mar 2012.

Digital resources and content for Māori learners
Suzie Vesper and Janelle Riki share Digistore resources to help support Māori learners.
29 Mar 2012.

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