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BYOD and 1:1 preparedness checklist

Use this checklist to reflect on your school’s readiness for implementing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) or 1:1 devices owned by either learners or school. The scope of this checklist includes community, planning (both strategic and teaching and learning) and infrastructure. Not all items will be relevant to all schools.

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BYOD checklist.pdf (PDF, 122.53 kB)

Use the checklist to inform your approach and strategic plan. Taking an inquiry approach, such as the spirals of inquiry , and using tools such as the e-Learning Planning Framework /Te Rangitukutuku  and Strategic thinking roadmap  will help ensure your decisions are based on reliable information and that your plans include review and evaluation.

BYOD is used throughout this document to refer to how 1:1 is attained. This checklist is equally useful for a school-funded 1:1 implementation.

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