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Presentation software

What is presentation software?

Presentation tools enable students to collaborate, organise, and share their learning with an audience – this maybe virtual or face-to-face.

Different applications may allow students to add and format text, upload video and audio files, add and manipulate images. Presentation software can be application-based or used directly from an Internet browser. 

Nigel Mitchell, HOD English at Tawa College, and students in his class talk about the benefits of using Prezi to collaborate and take control of their own learning


Students from Bayswater School created a video slideshow chronicling events in a school-wide inquiry using Animoto.

Tags: English, Multimedia – graphics/animation, Multimedia – video, Presentation, Middle primary, Primary, Upper primary


Students used Inspiration to help clarify ideas, express and justify opinions, and support their presentations. 

Tags: Effective pedagogy, English, Interactive/thinking tools, Presentation, Lower secondary, Secondary

MimioStudio Notebook

Students at Ashburton Netherby School used information and communication technologies to support an inquiry focused approach to learning.

Tags: Effective pedagogy, Social sciences, Student inquiry, Multimedia – graphics/animation, Presentation, Lower primary, Primary


Students at Sunnybrae Normal School in Auckland improved their literacy skills, and explored connections between oral, written, and visual language by creating digital texts.

Tags: English, Multimedia – graphics/animation, Multimedia – video, Presentation, Lower primary, Primary

Movie Maker and PowerPoint

Students at Howick College increased their motivation to learn and their ownership of the learning process by using the multimedia tools Movie Maker and PowerPoint, and other mobile technologies.

Tags: Social sciences, BYOD, iPads, Multimedia – graphics/animation, Multimedia – video, Presentation, Secondary, Upper secondary


Students at Ashburton Netherby School used ICT technologies to share aspects of their learning.

Tags: Assessment, Social sciences, Multimedia – audio/music/sound, Presentation, Lower primary, Primary


Students at Point England School in Auckland demonstrated their understanding of inventions through digital animation.

Tags: Effective pedagogy, Technology, Multimedia – audio/music/sound, Multimedia – graphics/animation, Presentation, Primary, Upper primary

Raising literacy levels

Fendalton Open Air School teachers collected and analysed a range of data to enhance their writing programme and engage learners. 

Tags: English, Teacher inquiry, Collaborative tools, Communication, Multimedia – video, Presentation, Primary

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Increasing motivation and engagement using Movie Maker and PowerPoint
Read how students gained increased ownership of the learning process using Movie Maker and PowerPoint.

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