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Learning management systems (LMS)

What is a learning management system?

A Learning Management System (LMS) is a software product used for several years to organise and deliver online learning in schools. The LMS is regarded as the school’s central hub of the teaching and learning activity (curriculum and pedagogy). 

Vendors of LMSs – The Ministry of Education website has information about vendors supplying learning management systems to schools.

Peter Holmstead, e-learning leader at Houghton Valley School, describes the introduction and setup process of Hapara Teacher Dashboard, including consulting and involving parents. He talks about the increase in student engagement and resulting improvements in AsTTle writing demonstrated by reluctant writers moving up several sub-levels over the course of the year.

Hapara Teacher Dashboard and Google Apps

Houghton Valley School trialed Hapara Teacher Dashboard and Google Apps with their senior classes over 12 months, with a vision for improving literacy learning outcomes.

Tags: Diverse learners, Effective pedagogy, English, Student inquiry, Teacher inquiry, GAFE, Learning management systems (LMS), Primary, Upper primary

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