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Vision and strategy

One way to begin creating a plan for your school digital device programme is by assembling a small planning committee or project team. You could include the principal, senior leadership team, students, board members, IT co-ordinator, and e-learning leaders.

As you develop your plan for using 1:1 devices, or BYOD, consider your vision and strategic goals.

  • What is your vision for the future of your school?
  • How is the world changing?
  • How do young people learn?
  • What skills will students need in future to successfully participate in society?
  • How will you use technologies to enable students to learn in relevant, real world 21st century contexts?
  • How will using 1:1 digital technologies in your school contribute to achieving your educational vision?

Your plan should outline the reasons for your initiative, your vision, and your goals. It should set out a clear direction for the school for the next five to seven years, including short and longer-term goals and intended outcomes.

Use the e-Learning Planning Framework  to review and plan for the way in which learning with digital devices is:

  • integrated into your school vision
  • reflected in your strategic direction and policy
  • being planned for and introduced in a sustainable manner.

School stories

Kathy Moy-Low and Janice Borsos share how they are using the e-Learning Planning Framework to guide strategic planning at Holy Cross School. Their goal is to improve learning and teaching at Holy Cross School through a series of teacher inquiries. They have looked across the framework to identify what they need to put in place to support improving learning and teaching using mobile devices.

Orewa College – a vision for e-learning
Deputy Principal, Mark Quigley and Tony Zaloum, Director ICT Projects, explain their vision for e-learning as they embark on implementing BYOD for year 9 students at Orewa College.

Technology supporting the school vision
Principal Melissa Bell describes St Hilda's school vision and how it is supported and enabled by technology. She describes how they are enabling students to learn anywhere at anytime and work collaboratively both locally and globally and the benefits this has had for student learning outcomes. Involving parents in student's learning has also been an important factor.

Preparing your school for BYOD – recording of a webinar, 25 March 2014.
This webinar explored how to approach Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). Topics covered included: device choices, community involvement, and device management. There was also a short panel discussion with representatives from the Ministry and N4L. The webinar included presentations from Churton Park School (Wellington) and Mount Aspiring College (Wanaka).

EDtalks BYOD
A series of videos from teachers and educators explaining different aspects of introducing BYOD into schools.

Further information and examples on leading e-learning: