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St Mary’s Catholic School in Tauranga trialled a system of online reporting. They wanted a system that supported student self assessment and increased parents’ understanding and involvement in formative assessment.

Tags: Assessment | Effective pedagogy | English | Multimedia – graphics/animation | Multimedia – video | Primary | Upper primary |

Students at Ashburton Netherby School used digital technologies to support an inquiry focused approach to learning.

Tags: Effective pedagogy | Social sciences | Student inquiry | Multimedia – graphics/animation | Presentation | Lower primary | Primary |

Students at St Pius X School in Auckland improved their literacy skills and their perceptions of themselves as learners through blogging.

Tags: Effective pedagogy | English | Blogging | Social media | Primary | Upper primary |

Geocaching was used at Papatoetoe High School to strengthen students’ "learning to learn" capabilities, and deepen teachers’ understandings of effective teaching.  

Tags: Cross-curricular | Effective pedagogy | Social sciences | Utilities/tools/gadgets | Lower secondary | Secondary |

Students from Mount Roskill Grammar School engaged in shared learning with their peers and subject teachers for NCEA Level 3 English using MyPortfolio.

Tags: Assessment | Effective pedagogy | English | e-Portfolios | Secondary | Upper secondary |

Students from Ashburton Intermediate used mindmapping technologies to prepare and manage the organisation of their report writing.

Tags: Effective pedagogy | English | Interactive/thinking tools | Primary | Upper primary |

Students at Panmure Bridge School in Auckland improved their problem solving skills and mathematical knowledge through the use of Google Forms.

Tags: Assessment | Effective pedagogy | Mathematics and statistics | GAFE | Primary | Upper primary |

Students used Inspiration to help clarify ideas, express and justify opinions, and support their presentations. 

Tags: Effective pedagogy | English | Interactive/thinking tools | Presentation | Lower secondary | Secondary |

Houghton Valley School trialed Hapara Teacher Dashboard and Google Apps with their senior classes over 12 months, with a vision for improving literacy learning outcomes.

Tags: Diverse learners | Effective pedagogy | English | Student inquiry | Teacher inquiry | GAFE | Learning management systems (LMS) | Primary | Upper primary |

Leaders at St Thomas of Canterbury College lift engagement by embedding gamification and agency into learning.

Tags: Effective pedagogy | Health and physical education | STEM/STEAM | Gaming tools | Primary | Upper primary |

At Aorere College, all year nine students take a whole year’s course called Digital, Innovation and Design as a core subject. This snapshot outlines the course content, why the school took this route, how the course was developed, and the impact for students and teachers.

Tags: Computational thinking | Cross-curricular | Design thinking | Effective pedagogy | STEM/STEAM | Technology | Lower secondary |

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