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Exploring technology concepts through animation using Hyperstudio

Tags: Effective pedagogy | Technology | Multimedia – audio/music/sound | Multimedia – graphics/animation | Presentation | Primary | Upper primary |

Students at Point England School in Auckland demonstrated their understanding of inventions through digital animation.

"Our school regularly reviews the way technology is embedded in effective learning and teaching."
eLPF 2014

Creating a supportive learning environment

The classroom teacher noticed that her students were visual learners who enjoyed using animation and sound to demonstrate their understandings. She decided to incorporate animation into a technology unit based on inventions. Students showed the historical development of planes and engines using Hyperstudio .

The teacher selected Hyperstudio for its ease of use. It allows students to draw their own images, animate them, and then add additional cards which combine to make a stack. It also allows for navigation buttons to be added to individual cards enabling viewers to move through the stack in different ways.

Teaching and learning

Drawing and animation

Students researched war planes and used Hyperstudio as both an exploratory tool and a presentation tool. The initial drawing of the planes was the exploratory phase as students investigated what the aircraft looked like and how they flew.

Recording the voiceover

Students recorded a voiceover to provide information about the technical aspects of the aircraft they had drawn. The recordings demonstrated students’ technological and historical understandings of aircraft.

Making the presentation interactive

Students added interactive buttons to the cards to allow the audience to interact with the presentation. Viewers can click on the buttons to activate the sound recordings and to choose where to go within the stack.

Student outcomes

Students were actively involved in their learning. They were eager to seek new knowledge about the history of aircraft, and they demonstrated an enthusiasm for animation.

All students gained a sense of achievement because they could share their technological knowledge visually and orally, rather than through writing, which is challenging for some.

As a result of this activity, students learnt about the role that aircraft play in defence and peacekeeping around the world. They also gained an awareness of the technical changes of planes over time.

Software types

Find out more about the software types used in this snapshot.

Multimedia – audio/music/sound
Multimedia – graphics/animation