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Improving communication skills using 2Touch interactive whiteboards

Tags: Diverse learners | Effective pedagogy | English | Assistive technologies | Interactive displays | Lower primary | Lower secondary | Middle primary | Primary | Secondary | Upper primary | Upper secondary |

Students with special learning needs improved their communication skills during circle time through the use of a 2Touch interactive whiteboard.

"In our school we review how well e-learning creates inclusive pathways for all learners." 
eLPF 2014

Facilitating shared learning

A group of students from Kaka Street Special School in Tauranga working in a satellite classroom at a local mainstream intermediate school were communicating through speaking, sign language, and the use of electronic devices and visual materials.

The teacher decided to use the interactive whiteboards to provide students with more complex communication opportunities.

She chose the whiteboard to help students:

  • communicate ideas using simple phrases
  • demonstrate their understanding of vocabulary by using specific vocabulary in context
  • practise social courtesies such as turn taking
  • make their own decisions.

Providing communication opportunities

The teacher set up three interactive activities that allowed students to move images and words around the whiteboard screen. 2Touch workbook software was used to create the following activities:

  • Days of the week and weather activity sheet using written words and photographs; students moved these words and photographs into sentences.
  • Timetable template and a range of activity picture cards; students inserted the picture cards into the timetable template.
  • Roll call activity; students moved their names and/or photographs to show who was present and who was absent.

What happened as a result of the teaching?

  • All students learnt and recognised each other's names.
  • Students knew who was present and who was absent. This reduced stress and behavioural issues especially for students with Autistic Spectrum Disorder.
  • Students made progress in turn taking. Behavioural issues were reduced when waiting.
  • All students understood the timetable for the day, reducing stress and behaviour issues.
  • Students used the weather vocabulary correctly and in context during conversations.
  • Students used vocabulary in more complicated sentences.
  • All students recognised the days of the week in written form.

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Software types

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