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Criterion 5

Fully certified teachers show leadership that contributes to effective teaching and learning.

Key indicators:

  • Actively contribute to the professional learning community.
  • Undertake areas of responsibility effectively.
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Guiding question

How do I/can I use e-learning to support my colleagues to strengthen teaching and learning in my setting?

Allister Williamson describes his role as e-Learning coordinator at Pakuranga College, which involves overseeing their professional learning programme.

Enabling e-Learning: Leadership
This section of the Enabling e-Learning website provides information, school stories, and resources to support leaders in planning for and implementing e-learning initiatives in their school.

Enabling e-Learning: Leadership community
Join this group in the Virtual Learning Network (VLN) to participate in discussions and share resources focused on supporting school leaders to lead change and develop vision, policy, and strategy to integrate ICTs into learning.

Strong leadership of e-learning
Lyn Ross from the Te Apiti ICT PD Cluster outlines the development of strong leadership in e-learning within their cluster. The rationale and process are supported by video clips from the principals and lead teachers sharing their practice.

ICT lead teacher wiki
Suzie Vesper's wiki has a number of tips and resources on how to lead ICT effectively in a school.

Teacher and students

Providing effective e-learning leadership in a school requires the school to have an understanding of where they are now and where they want to be in the future. These sections on the Enabling e-Learning website provide information, school stories, and resources for:

The e-Learning Planning Framework
The framework is a tool for schools and teachers to assess their current e-learning practice and capability then identify next steps to inform planning across five key areas.

The e-Learning Planning Framework – how and why to use it | NAPP Kōrero 16
This discussion in the Enabling e-Learning Leadership community illustrates different school leaders perspectives on how they can use the e-Learning Planning Framework.

Kellie McRobert explains e-competencies and how they are aligned with the NZ Curriculum. She shares stories of her classroom practice with supporting research.

Ministry initiatives
Up-to-date information about Ministry of Education initiatives that provide e-learning opportunities.

Once the decisions have been made, an effective e-learning leader needs to know how to put new initiatives into place and support staff during the implementation.

Leading e-learning
The information and resources in this section of the Enabling e-Learning website focus on managing change and planning for the building of e-learning capability in your school.

5 tips for teachers who struggle with technology
Josh Work offers strategies to reach those teachers who are reluctant technology users.  

e-Learning community discussions

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