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Ministry funded professional learning and development

Professional learning and development for schools, kura and Kāhui Ako to support capability in learning with digital technologies and build digital fluency.

The Ministry have redesigned centrally-funded PLD support so that it is more responsive to the needs of schools, kura, and Kāhui Ako.

  • What has changed?  – Information about PLD funding available and how schools can access it.

Digital technology professional supports   

The Ministry have commissioned a range of resources and supports for teachers and kaiako to build their digital confidence and capability and to support them to introduce the new curriculum content into their teaching and learning programmes. These supports and resources are available over 2018-20.

Digital technologies professional supports

Regularly updated information is available from the Technology Online website.

Digital Technologies and the New Zealand Curriculum – Your guide to finding support and getting ready

Digital Technologies and the New Zealand Curriculum – Your guide to finding support and getting ready

This downloadable resource helps you and your community learn more about:

  • the new digital technologies curriculum content 
  • how you can access support to help unpack the new content.
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The Digital Readiness Programme   introduces teachers and principals to the new digital technologies and hangarau matihiko curriculum content and teaching strategies.

It is designed to prepare all teachers and kaiako to teach the new curriculum content. The programme is available for three years and free to NZ educators.

Raranga Matihiko | Weaving Digital Futures   

As part of the Ministry of Education Digital Technologies for All Equity fund, the Raranga Matihiko programme delivers innovative digital technologies to those with limited digital learning opportunities, while increasing access to national and local exhibitions and collections.

This programme is provided at no cost to the school. The costs covered include Teacher Release Day (TRD) for one planning day, transport while visiting the museum, facilitation, and technology use.

Digital Ignition | Māpura Matihiko programme

  • Designed for years 3–8. Māori medium workshops are operational for years 3–5 and expanding to years 6–8 in term 4, 2018.
  • The programme has six modules. Each module consists of three one-hour workshops delivered by professional facilitators. Each module is loosely related to a corresponding year group.
  • Content is fully mapped to the DT & HM curricula.
  • Workshops are available for English medium or Māori medium schools/kura free of charge.
  • Delivery is centred mainly around Auckland and Christchurch regions. Regional delivery of the programme is booked for Waikato, Wellington, and Hawke's Bay in term 4, 2018.

For more information or to register for a booking: Digital Ignition | Māpura Matihiko programme »

e-Learning community discussions

Join these groups to participate in discussions with other teachers/educators about the content here, or that is relevant for you.

Enabling e-Learning
e-Learning: Leadership
e-Learning: Teaching
e-Learning: Technologies
e-Learning: Professional Learning
e-Learning: Beyond the classroom
Using the e-Learning Planning Frameworks

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