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Virtual Learning Network Community annual meeting

Virtual Learning Network Community annual meeting

24 April 2012

The Virtual Learning Network Community (VLNC) held its AGM in Wellington on 3 April 2012.

Minister of Education Hekia Parata at the VLNC annual general meeting in Wellington on 3 April.

The Minister of Education, Hon Hekia Parata, joined the meeting to discuss government initiatives, such as the fibre roll out and how it will help schools transition to digital learning environments, to improve outcomes for learners.

The Virtual Learning Network (VLN), He kōtuinga ako ā-ipurangi, is an interactive resource provided by the Ministry of Education for all New Zealand educators.  It supports the work of the Māori Medium Kura Network and the VLN Community (VLNC), promoting the concept of classrooms without walls, where learners and educators have the flexibility to connect with each other 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.