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School Network Upgrade Project

The School Network Upgrade Project (SNUP) subsidises and manages upgrades of internal data and electrical cabling for state and state-integrated schools. This allows for future network expansion and optimal use of the Government's ultra-fast broadband and the Network for Learning's Managed Network initiatives in your school.

Upgrades are subsidised by Government. State schools pay 20% of the costs of upgrades from their operating grants and Government provides additional funding to meet 80% of the costs. State-integrated schools pay 32% of the costs of upgrades and Government pays 68%.

Find out your school's status for a SNUP and WSNUP using our online Schools connection database tool.

More information »
  • Wireless – has been available as part of the SNUP programme since June 2013. This page provides information on how to get Wi-Fi in your school, sharing wifi with your community, wifi safety, and its benefits to teaching.
  • The manual for installing ICT in schools – covers the process and administrative tasks of managing ICT infrastructure work in schools including: the background to SNUP, an overview of the tasks involved, a breakdown of each phase in an installation, roles and responsibilities.
  • School Network Upgrade Project – information from Ministry of Education website.