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About the advisory

The Connected Learning Advisory will help schools and kura access consistent, unbiased advice on integrating technology with learning so they can get the best results for their students and communities.

The purpose of the Connected Learning Advisory is to help schools make the most of the potential of ultra-fast broadband, the N4L Managed Network, and other digital technologies to achieve better educational outcomes for all learners.

Connecting with technology

Teacher and student at laptop

Schools are using modern technologies like the Internet, laptops, and tablets to quickly, easily, and cheaply connect students with a huge and growing number of digital tools, resources, and subject matter experts.

Teachers are using online networks and social media to connect with other schools and peers who can help them adapt their teaching practices to make the most of digital tools.

Students are using digital technologies to connect with other students across the country and across the world, and to engage in self-directed learning in areas of personal interest and expertise.

Parents and families/whānau are forming stronger connections with schools using digital services like social networks, websites, and online surveys.

Many of us use technology to connect to information and learning whenever and wherever we choose.

The increasing availability of high quality internet in New Zealand schools means these connected learning opportunities can be a reality for your school.

e-Learning teacher Mervyn Cook, from Hillcrest High School, discusses the connect between teachers and students engaging with technology to support e-learning.

The fast pace of technological change makes it difficult to know what technologies to use and how to use them to get the best learning outcomes for your students.

As well as a responsive advisory service, the Connected Learning Advisory offers professional learning opportunities, both regionally face-to-face and online, as well as resources to help schools make best use of digital technologies to transform learning.

If you have questions about the service itself, you can email the project team: info@connectedlearning.org

For more information about the Connected Learning Advisory, you can download our brochure.

CLA A4 Brochure.pdf (PDF, 1.02 MB)